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The GAIDA Festival that takes place in Vilnius since 1991 is the main, the largest and the most prominent festival of modern music in Lithuania and in all Baltic countries. This is one of the most important music forums in Central and Eastern Europe. Events of the GAIDA Festival are always associated with new ideas of modern times, highest quality and innovations.

During last 10 years the GAIDA festival has become the prestigious event not only for Lithuanian music lovers, but also for international audiences that numerously attend concerts of the festival. Strong increase of the festival audiences was absolutely recorded in 2014 and 2015 when more than 7000 people attended the festival every year. All concert halls of the festival events were full, while venues of such performances as Steve Reich and Musicians | Heiner Goebbels “Max Black” | London Sinfonietta | Terry Riley & Co | Squarepusher | Philip Glass & The Philip Glass Ensemble | Michael Nyman Band | Alva Noto “univrs” | Robert Henke “Lumiére” a. o. were just over-crowded.

GAIDA festival is open to music and innovative art of all different traditions and all geographical sources. The festival reflects and presents a broad sweep of the latest creative processes and newest musical tendencies in Europe and the world. GAIDA introduces Vilnius audiences to the finest achievements of world contemporary music, the most famous musicians are invited to the festival and the most impressive works are performed. GAIDA presents creations from many different genres, from symphonic orchestra concerts to electronic music, innovative multimedia projects, music theatre, sound installations and club events.

For high achievements in the international new music scene GAIDA Festival in 2005 was invited to join prestigious network of most important European festivals of contemporary music Réseau Varèse which involves biggest festivals and influential music institutions of Paris, Berlin, London, Warsaw, Oslo, Helsinki, Porto, Vienna, Amsterdam and other cities. Director of the GAIDA festival became member of the Board and vice-president of this network since 2008. In the same year the GAIDA festival was awarded the title of ISCM World Music Days, meaning an especial appreciation of the international music community all over the world and providing the right to organize a festival on exceptional scale.

The events of GAIDA Festival take place in the main concert halls of Vilnius: the National Philharmonic, National Opera and Ballet Theatre, Congress Concert Hall, National Drama Theatre, Arts Printing House, Contemporary Art Centre a. o.

Head of GAIDA Festival – Remigijus Merkelys. 

Projects’ curator – Vytautas Jurgutis (