Culture Night 2017

This year, one-night festival “Culture Night“ will not be plugging the lights and will invite citizens and city visitors to enjoy the culture and art in the dark of this special night. Various projects and artistic events will saturate Vilnius city on the night of 16th to 17th of June. From 6 PM in the evening till 2 AM early in the morning.

All festival “Culture Night” events are free of charge. This festival is a gift to the people of Vilnius city and its guests from cultural and educational organizations and of course from the creative artists.

This year’s festival program will be announced later.


The best way to enjoy art, music and culture is in the dark. After all, before a movie at the cinema the lights are turned off, before a performance theater also turns off all lights, before orchestra or group performance concert hall are darkened. Only darkness lets us dive into the culture, also it release our imagination and let us enjoy the surrounding processes. Just plug the light and the magic will disappear.

The „Culture Night ” fills Vilnius squares, streets, parks and unexpected spaces with a variety of art projects – music, dance, theater, cinema, photography, modern installations and many others. The one night festival in Lithuania started developing from 2007 in preparation for the Vilnius – „European Capital of Culture 2009“ events. In fact, the first year of the festival in Vilnius was held only 40 events, but each year events, preparing artists and actors were increasing very fast. Last year the culture and art festival “Culture Night” invited city guests and residents to visit about 120 projects which were presented by over 700 artists from Lithuania and participants from abroad. It is estimated that the event was attended by more than 100 thousand visitors.

Festival initiator: Daina Urbanavičienė Chair of Lithuania Culture council
Project manager: Irma Petrašiūnaitei,