375 0908 2334 / The body you are calling is currently not available

28, 29 of July, 16:00, Arts Printing House Studio II

375 0908 2334 /The body you are calling is currently not available
Igor Shugaleev (Belarus)

Idea, performance: Igor Shugaleev
Curator, artistant: Sergey Shabohin
Video artist: Aleksandra Kononchenko
Producer: Marina Dashuk
Duration: 100’

375 0908 2334

+375: phone country code for Belarus;

09.08 — 12.08: four days of protests post presidential elections 2020 in Belarus, during which brutal mass arrests by the militarized enforcement, severe beatings and tortures in detention facilities took place.

23.34: article of the Administrative Code of the Republic of Belarus “Violation of the procedures for organizing or holding mass events”, which became denominative for over 30 000 Belarusians.

This combination of digits, which visually resembles a phone number, and this auto-response are a trigger of the first days post 2020 elections in Belarus.

Mobile/internet connection was down those days, so calling friends to find out if all was well was only possible very late at night or early in the morning.

Whenever someone was out of reach, the phrase “The party you are calling is currently not available” would become full of fearsome prospects.

This event consists of three parts with no intermission: a short lecture by Igor Shugaleev about the events in Belarus, the performance and discussion with the audience.