A MUSICAL WISH. A charity concert

June 30, 17:00 | St Catherine's Church


GERŪTA GRINIŪTĖ (piano) and others

If you believe, your dreams will come true! We believe that A Musical Wish is not just supporting the Rugutė Foundation. It is the combination of all our positive energy to little ones fighting cancer.

One of its initiators, Gerūta Griniūtė, recalls the beginning of this initiative that has been going on for almost ten years: “We have all heard about the strong positive effect of music on health. So I thought that it would be really nice to play music for children. I raised this idea with my musician colleagues, but its not all that simple… Some of the little ones are in hospitals, some are working at getting stronger at home. One volunteer, Linas Vasiliauskas, suggested organising a concert where the music would be dedicated to children, and that way we would be sending them our very best and warmest wishes”.

It’s so nice that the circle of well-wishers is growing wider every year – join us!


Concert duration: 80 min.

Free admission

During the concert, donations can be made to the Rugutė Charity and Support Foundation