G. Grinevičiūtė & A. Lisičkinaitė – I SLAVE: A CONTEMPORARY LOVE STORY

May 5

Arts Printing House, 18:30

Duration: 50 min.


Does love exist only as we have already experienced it? The performance I SLAVE: a contemporary love story is based on a love theme that most people smile at and call cliché. The creative team is highlighting situations that are relevant to our generation, which we often keep silent or are not used to discussing out loud.

Single women and women in the midst of relationships, or rather reflections of the same woman in different times and situations, create and comment on each other in space. By strategizing the presentation of themselves to the environment, they construct the other’s gaze on themselves. Searching for the best angle for such a presentation, choreographers and founders of BE COMPANY – Agnietė Lisičkinaitė and Greta Grinevičiūtė – create an intimate but open space of encounter with the viewer. One of them is in thrall to the pursuit of a relationship and the abstract feeling of love, while the other is in thrall to the image of a perfect relationship shaped by the environment. And both of them ask: how to go from “I slave” to “I slay” today? How to reach the ideal shaped by the media? Can it be realistic at all?

In exploring these themes, the creators have noticed how many of the images of love and happiness they have formed derive from the influence of popular culture, music and films. How deeply rooted they are, and how small a part of these images is the authentic perception of each of us, which is formed much later than relationships. How, then, can we return to our true needs, presence and, above all, love for ourselves, in which a new, perhaps unrecognised, sense of love for another person can be formed? Or perhaps it is not even needed anymore?