August 3, Thursday

A. Mickevičius Library courtyard, 19:00

BOŽO VREĆO (vocals, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

KADIR DOGAN (percussion, Germany)

CHRISTOPHER ESCH (guitar, Germany)

MARKO NIKOLIČ (keyboards, accordion, Germany)

For the first time in Lithuania – Božo Vrećo! As quoted by a music critic in The New York Times, “With an angelic voice that heals the soul and opens the heart, …” We meanwhile promise a concert that’ll definitely put you under his spell, calm your breathing, and transport you to another dimension – the deep world of sevdah music.

Sevdah is a 500-year-old traditional music genre originating in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Characterised by complex, emotionally intense melodies performed with passion, the most common themes touched in these songs are the beauty of love, suffering and longing. That is why sevdah is frequently compared to Portuguese fado or French chansons, and is also known as Balkan blues. 

For a long time, no one dared to alter the old songs, much less – to create new ones. However, Božo, having taken this step, became an exclusive representative of modern sevdah. Audiences are left breathtaken not only by his vocal skill, but also his unique visual identity. Božo is both a man and a woman. His eccentric style makes the performer truly stand out from the crowd, however his music has won the acclaim of audiences and aroused storms of enthusiasm at sold-out concerts: “My voice conquers all, it liberates, while my work and music demystifies all questions and doubts. For this, I am happy”, says the performer, who is eagerly awaiting his first meeting with you!

Programme features traditional sevdah variations, original music and compositions.