July 30, 19:00 | St Catherine's Church

EDUARDO AGNI (guitar, Brazil)

If you think you know how the guitar is played, you just have to see the master of playing percussion with fingers – Eduardo Agni. We won’t even try to describe the ways he makes his instrument speak, but we do promise that the experience will not be easy to forget.

Agni has been playing music ever since he was a child, and grew interested in the guitar from the age of thirteen. He tried to adapt to the requirements of classical music performers for several years, yet in vain. The strong creative impulse inside him prompted him to take on his own independent experiments, which ultimately brought him world recognition both as a guitarist and as a composer.

Agni has created music for numerous documentary and commercial films, television series and theatre performances. He has played in over thirty countries around the world. Critics agree that he is like a breath of fresh air, bringing a special sound to each performance, with hints of minimalism, Brazilian folk and world music elements.

Program features original works by Eduardo Agni

Concert duration 80min