August 26, 19:00 | Bernardine Gardens (Sereikiškės Park) (8A B. Radvilaitės St, Vilnius)

Dedicated to mark the 210th anniversary of the birth of F. Chopin

Concert organised in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Poland and the Vilnius City Municipality


In her recital, pianist Ieva Dūdaitė will transport the audience to the same yet a very different Paris. Chopin’s dreamy nocturnes, ballads and waltzes will allow you to sense the spirit of 19th-century salons, while melodies from the soundtrack to Amélie will remind you that even in this age of cutting-edge technology, it is impossible to flee one’s emotions.

Both Chopin and Tiersen were and are creative innovators, according to the pianist, who found their key to listener’s hearts: “Chopin’s melodies are refined, memorable and perfectly adapted to the piano. Tiersen’s works on the other hand transport me as a performer to totally different spaces: the streets, market squares, hills and lofty heights of Montmartre, full of accordion music… That’s the sensation I wish to convey to the public”, says Dūdaitė. And we hope that’s exactly what you feel!

Program features F. Chopin, Y. Tiersen