July 20, Thursday

House of Histories courtyard, 19:00

A fun and educational autism-friendly programme 

ILONA PAPEČKYTĖ (music author, vocals, guitar)

At this fun picnic you’ll be able to try some musical treats that upon tasting will make you want to sing, dance, stamp, pat, jump and clap! It was prepared by the pioneer of educational music therapy in Lithuania – Ilona Papečkytė.

Young audiences will join the performers in playing music on unusual and never-before-seen instruments: colourful maracas, sticks, bells, triangles, metallophones, colourful pipes, drums, tambourines, the kabasa, güiro, vibra-tone, wind and rain sticks, and instruments imitating the waves of the ocean. They’ll use body language to depict animals, objects and natural phenomena, and cuddle up with soft toys, so be sure to bring along your favourites.

If you run out of snacks in your picnic basket, at least you’ll be leaving with it full of good vibes and a wide smile. See you there!

Free admission

Important information:
• This concert is suitable for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder;
• The concert will take place in an open space. It will be possible to move around, share impressions, clap and leave at any time;
• Seats are not numbered, so feel free to put them where it’s most comfortable or bring a rug;
• If assistance from volunteers will be required during the concert or if you have any questions about attending the event, please contact