Chris Ruebens: Muy bien, adios!

Tuesday, July 24, 7 pm | St Catherine's Church (30 Vilniaus St, Vilnius)

First solo program

CHRIS RUEBENS (guitar, Lithuania/Belgium)

Often, an exceptional event doesn’t really need a pompous presentation or an enormous space. One person in a chamber environment is enough to create a subtle, moving miracle. This time, that miracle will be Chris Ruebens’ first solo program!

A majority of the concert will be made up of the guitarist’s origianal works that have been received to high acclaim around the world (including the Acerra, and IMA international competitions). They have enchanted both audiences and performers alike with their exotic sound images, catchy melodic line and tasteful mix of various cultures, styles and genres.

Come and see just what will capture your attention the most, while we promise you a splendid evening, full of the rich sounds of the guitar and fine melodies, one more beautiful than the next.

Program features original compositions by C. Ruebens, J. Zorn, etc.