June 28, Wednesday

Bernardine Gardens, 19:00

PETUNIJA (vocals, keyboards)
DIANA ANISKO (backing vocals)
EGIDIJA MAČIULYTĖ (backing vocals)


Did you vote for the ballad “Love of My Life” in the national Eurovision contest? Well, it’s time to hear it live in Petunija’s acoustic programme!

The performer’s songs are heartfelt stories, bursting forth in a wave of unique sounds. They are characterised by a nostalgic mood and emotional melodiousness, inspired by 90s alternative music, everyday life and of course, love. Each song, each melody will transport you to a spatial melancholy, where you’ll feel as if you’re floating amid feelings and memories.

The Bernardine Gardens will play host to songs from the debut album Petunija and the latest mini album Two In Somnia, as well as yet to be released works.

Programme features original works.

Free admission