June 30, Friday

Bernardine Gardens, 19:00

LIUCĖ (vocals, keyboards)

Magic for the heart and serenity for the soul – a musical picnic with Liucė. Amid the greenery of the Bernardine Gardens, she’ll weave a gentle melody with strong lyrics, giving you a unique experience. Liucė’s music stands out for its sentience and courageous vulnerability. A laureate of many national competitions, now boldly making strides as a soloist, she yearns to create and share her music: “Concerts that are seeped in serenity, emboldening and let us really connect – that’s what I want to share with my audiences. I believe that music can heal and set people free, serving as solid ground for trembling legs. I want to feel that most real sense of humanity with you – when the people near me become even closer”, says Liucė in anticipation of her concert. A voice plus a few strings will be enough to feel those lovely quivers run down your spine.

Programme features original works by Liucė, including songs from her upcoming debut album.

Free admission