Daniel Mariblanca – 71BODIES 1DANCE

April 29 & 30

Arts Printing House, 19:00

Duration: 70 min.


An interdisciplinary, choreographic initiative by Daniel Mariblanca, inspired by 71 personal experiences and testimonies from transgender and gender non-conforming individuals living in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Spain.

The original dance performance is 71 minutes long, embodying 1 minute for each personal experience that inspired this work. The physical work is based on the body, its qualities and its textures. No distractions nor ornamentation; just the body and its physicality. The naked body is an emotionally loaded space; holding vulnerability, strength, shame, pleasure, intimacy and empowerment. 

With this production the intention is to give visibility, awaken curiosity and to generate knowledge around the transgender community from a human level – through an artistic work. By exposing diverse ways of being, the performance wishes to insight new references and ways of appreciating beauty and generating desire. 

71BODIES is a transgender, inclusive dance and performance company based in Bergen, Norway. Founded in 2016 by Daniel Mariblanca, the intention of the company is to work with marginalized communities, especially those that place the body at the center of their discussions.


The aim of showing these short pieces in this particular form is to somehow gain an emotion of intimacy between the protagonist and the viewer. In this particular moment the distance between protagonist and viewer is somehow erased.

A number of interviews were conducted with the protagonists to investigate their own experience and to understand similarities and inequalities in their gender perspective. These interviews were recorded for the purposes of the research and to acquire material for the performance. Soon we understood there was enormous value in these interviews. They proposed vivid and profound imagery that could help to engage the visitors of the performance in a very intimate and emotional manner. Viewers are invited to put on their headphones and become part of a moment in the story and/or life of one of the 12 characters.

We consider 71BODIES 1DANCE to be a living project; evolving and growing as we go and these short films have become a natural part of that process.