Dry Season (language: no words)

October 1 and 2

LNDT 19:00

After seeing Dry Season for the first time in 2018 in Avignon, I realized that it allowed me to see the world for the first time in a non gender-binary perspective. In my opinion, this is the ultimate beauty of an artwork – to get into somebody else’s shoes and see the world from there. The stage in the performance is a white box, which symbolizes the patriarchal structure. It confines those who are inside, it shrinks and cracks when we do not behave according to the rules, when we fight and rebel. And we fight with our bodies, which are beautiful and fragile, strong and extremely vulnerable. Our bodies transcend the boundaries imposed on them by the society and create new poetic rituals as well as possible future scenarios that inspire our imagination.

Kristina Savickienė