Events at the Quay of the Neris River

Events at the Quay of the Neris River between Mindaugas bridge and Žaliasis bridge.

30th of August, Friday & 31st of August, Saturday, in-between 23:00 – 01:00

At the quay of the Neris River between Mindaugas Bridge and Žaliasis Bridge.
This is the second time that Vilnius City Fiesta will have events in such a wonderful location of the city. It’s a space dedicated to gourmet dishes where refined and exquisite meals will be served by small restaurants that some people see to be rather niche, but here they will display a variety of tastes and see that everyone is amused. The folk will not only have the chance to enjoy a good meal but also to hear various live performances in a special folk/world music stage called „Reflections“. It is truly a space for taste and sound gourmets!


At night the quay of the Neris River will be inviting to experience a unique scenery – an ambitious 3D audiovisual project „Discovery“, where raised water of the Neris River will become a screen for video projection. It is a continuation of project that is made and organized by “Video architects” and “Vilnius Festivals”, which will present a new creative idea. In the largest screen of water in Lithuania the spectators will be able to watch an artistic expression of synergy made up of video projections, lights and lasers. The creative team within special filming equipment have succeeded to reveal new subtleties of water projections and retell a story about the Neris.