August 9, Wednesday

A. Mickevičius Library courtyard, 20:00

GABY MORENO (guitar, vocals, Guatemala/USA)
SEBASTIAN AYMANNS (percussion, vocals, USA)
MARTIN MEIXNER (keyboards, vocals, USA)
KIMON KIRK (bass, vocals, USA)

Have you ever listened to Spanglish folk soul? Gaby Moreno is bringing this exclusive sound to Lithuania for the first time! Freely manoeuvering between blues, jazz and Latino music, she captivates audiences with her fluidly passionate voice. A Latin Grammy winner and Emmy nominee, Gaby Moreno writes and sings in English and Spanish. So when she mixes these, you get a unique, Spanglish cocktail!

Moreno’s musical career really took off when she moved from her native Guatemala to Los Angeles. Having won the Grand Prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, the performer soon released her debut album, which was followed by a very intense round of concerts. Alongside her solo appearances, she has also shared the stage with music stars including Bono, Andrea Bocelli, David Gray, Tracy Chapman, Hugh Laurie, the Buena Vista Social Club and many more.

Today, Gaby’s music can be heard on major stages around the world, in film and TV series soundtracks, and in other performers’ concerts, while her original jazz, blues, 1960s rock and soul vibes have captured audiences all the way from Latin America to Europe. 

When in Vilnius, the performer will open the door to her world, guaranteeing that there’ll be something for everyone to discover for themselves: “music has the phenomenal power to unite people, speaking straight to their hearts. Each song creates a different mood, so only you can decide what to take away from each concert – the nostalgia of a romantic ballad, or the crazy energy of rock music”. 

Programme features compositions by Gaby Moreno.