Games and Attractions Park

For children and their parents by the monument to King Mindaugas

30th of August, Friday, from 12.00 till 20.00

31st of August, Saturday, from 10.00 till 20.00

1st of September, Sunday, from 10.00 till 19.00

Families and childrens park will host a variety of attractions and games for children and the whole family. The following activities are included: outdoor chess, a shooting range, trampolines, carousels, bungee jumping, etc. The adventurous children will have a chance to roll on water in big plastic bubbles (over 2 metres in diameter) right in the middle of this location. In addition, there will be Tatami mats, amusements for jumping and sliding and even modern eletrical cars that children can drive just by themselves. As well, for the first time, there will be children concert stage, where lot of playful dance, music, theatre performances will take place.