Grégory Privat

28 May, Saturday

LNDT, 19:00

p, composer

Born in Martinique in December 1984, Grégory Privat is the son of pianist José Privat.

In September 2013, he released the album Tales of Cyparis, inspired by the story of Louis-Auguste Cyparis, the only prisoner who survived the Mountain Pelée eruption in 1902 and was hired by the Barnum Circus. The project, well received by the critics, places Grégory Privat among the most prominent musicians of the new jazz scene. A status confirmed by the release in January 2015 of his third album Luminescence duet with Sonny Troupé, faithful partner and great master of Gwoka music. The album is named at the 2015 Victoires du Jazz in the category « revelation of the year, Frank-Ténot prize”.