July 16, 17:30 | 26 Vokiečių Str., Vilnius


Meeting place: 26 Vokiečių St, Vilnius
Excursion starts at 17:30 pm

Concert starts at 19:00
Duration: 2.5 hours (excursion 90 min., concert 60 min.)

Enjoy the summery weather, discover the most interesting secrets in Vilnius, and be treated to fine music – you can experience so many things during this excursion-concert with the Streets Alive guides.

  • About the excursion: 19th-century Vilnius. Invited guests assemble at the Müller and Römeris houses for Moniuszko’s chamber music evenings, others await to hear his organ-playing at the Church of St Johns. Others still attend piano lessons with the maestro-pedagogue… We’ll find out where the composer met the love of his life, what he had in common with Adam Mickiewicz, and we’ll follow in the composer’s footsteps through the capital’s old town, delving ever deeper into the intriguing realities of a past time.
  • About the concert: Even though one of the most popular instruments in Moniuszko’s day was the piano, this time the sounds of the guitar and Chris Ruebens (guitar, vocals, Lithuanian/Belgium) will transport us to the music salon. Most of the concert will be made up of the performer’s original works that have earned him broad acclaim across the world (including the Acerra and IMA international competitions) – captivating for their exotic soundscapes, their catchy melodies and tasteful combinations of various cultures, styles and genres. Pick what’ll grab you the most. Meanwhile, we promise you a evening full of the rich sounds of the guitar with melodies where each one is better than the last!