August 2, Wednesday

A. Mickevičius Library courtyard, 19:00

LUÍSA SOBRAL (vocals, guitar, Portugal)
MANUEL ROCHA (guitar, vocals, Portugal)
ANTÓNIO QUINTINO (double bass, Portugal)
CARLOS MIGUEL ANTUNES (percussion, Portugal)

Do you know who created the song that gave Portugal its first win in Eurovision (2017)? It was Luísa Sobral! And do you know where you can see her first appearance in Lithuania? At the
Christopher Summer Festival, of course! This cult songwriter and performer from Portugal will be presenting her latest album DanSando. It features 11 original songs recorded along the way between Lisbon and San Paulo.

These songs were born of the need to sing about love. Under the effects of events taking place in Ukraine, Luísa sought to create a bright and positive “ode to life”. And that’s just what she did. Music critics have noted the personal nature of DanSando, its intimacy, while also bursting with energy and joy. It became the musical event of the year in Portugal as soon as it was released, coming in as the year’s top-selling record!

When asked to reveal the secret to her success, Luísa replies with no hesitation – the triumph of hope, which we all crave so much: „I believe that the road leads us forward, even if sometimes we end up having to take two steps backwards”.

Step into the sun-filled world of DanSando! You’ll be greeted with catchy melodies enriched with a touch of jazz, the musical Portuguese language and the inimitable charisma of this artist.

Programme features the Lithuanian launch of the DanSando album.