MEREDITH MONK & Vocal Ensemble

October 27, Friday
October 28, Saturday

National Drama Theatre, 19:00


Meredith Monk (voice, keyboard)

Katie Geissinger (voice)

Allison Sniffin (voice, violin, keyboard)



Meredith Monk. Wa-lie-oh, from Songs from the Hill (1975-1976)

Meredith Monk. Click Song #1, from Light Songs (1988)

Meredith Monk. Hips Dance, from Volcano Songs: Duets (1993)

Meredith Monk. Gotham Lullaby (1975)

Meredith Monk. Choosing Companions, from ATLAS: an opera in three parts (1991)

Meredith Monk. Selections from Cellular Songs (2018)

Meredith Monk. Scared Song (1986)

Meredith Monk. Prayer I, from The Politics Of Quiet (1996)

Meredith Monk. Panda Chant I, from The Games (1984)

Meredith Monk. Memory Song, from The Games (1984)

Meredith Monk. masks, from mercy (2001)

Meredith Monk. between song, from impermanence (2004-2006)

Meredith Monk. Happy Woman, from Cellular Songs (2018)

(Selections from 1975-2018, from ATLAS, Cellular Songs, The Games, impermanence, Light Songs, mercy, The Politics of Quiet and others)