July 26, Wednesday

St. Catherine’s Church, 19:00


Having made her debut in the Christopher’s Picnics cycle and becoming the public’s favourite, this year Milda Umbrusevičiūtė will delight her fans as part of the Festival’s main programme. The pianist is inviting audiences to a performance for which she has selected works that resonate perfectly in the concert space. “Like each one of us, I react sensitively to what is going on in the world, to that which is going on right near us. As time goes on, I grow ever more convinced that everything that happens in life is a reflection of our inner worlds. This explains why I have chosen Maurice Ravel’s Miroirs as the axis of my programme. Cellist Elena Daunytė will join me later in the performance. The two of us will not only introduce a variety in tembre, but also accentuate the contemplative mood of this church and the summer evening”, says the pianist about her upcoming concert. 

Be prepared to let your thoughts run free after the music, stopping to ponder on the reflections of your life. 

Programme features Maurice Ravel, Arvo Pärt and others.