MUSIC FROM THE CARPATHIAN MOUNTAINS. A concert to commemorate the 450th anniversary of the Union of Lublin

July 11, 19:00 | St Catherine's Church

VOŁOSI String Quartet (Poland):
JAN KACZMARZYK (three-stringed viola, pipes)
ROBERT WASZUT (double bass)

Breaking onto the world music scene immediately after its debut appearances in 2010 and raking in numerous awards, today Vołosi is on the wish-list of just about every events organiser.
“Vołosi are a revelation – their compelling performance energy transcends musical and geographical boundaries to create a completely irresistible combination. I defy you not to love them!”, says Mary Ann Kennedy, BBC.

And indeed, the sound the collective creates is truly unique. It is achieved by combining music traditions stemming from the Carpathian Mountains, with the energy of rock and jazz improvisation. The result is a hypnotising, unforgettable experience, as if an avalanche of the most pure emotions crashes onto you from the mountains themselves… Come and feel it!

Program features original compositions by Vołosi (please note that the concert progresses in the form of a suite, with no noticeable breaks in between each piece).

Concert duration: 80 min