September 8, 11:00 | City Laboratory

A fun morning for kids, parents and grandparents

DRUMS OF AFRICA Percussion Studio

The summer season’s Musical Breakfasts series will close with a lot of noise thanks to the Drums of Africa percussion studio.

Whether you’ve already joined us for breakfast or this is your first time, everyone is welcome!

Drums of Africa will bring the drums, while the studio’s founder Gediminas Mačiulskis will reveal the subtleties of playing percussion instruments, introducing us to the djabara, kenkeni, sangban, dunumba, krin and balafon, and teach us how to play the most popular African drum, the djembe!

You have doubts? “This is not a fussy instrument. Its joy lies in its simplicity – both children and adults can play it at the same time!” Gediminas assures us.

So, wassa wassa!!!


PLEASE NOTE! Breakfast at the City Laboratory will be on from 11 am until 3 pm, but entry is possible only with tickets during the musical part of the event (11 am until midday).

Breakfast is not included in the concert ticket price.

Partners: Vilnius City Municipality, City Laboratory