Production Ballet national de Marseille – direction (LA)HORDE – ROOMMATES

April 26 & 27

Lithuanian National Drama Theater, 19:00

Duration: 90 min (with intermission)

This new work is a scene in which the dancers embody self-love. They play with amorous narcissism, deconstruct amorous forms, celebrate the freedom of loving, of loving yourself, of enjoying, of existing, of being deprived, of wearing yourself out looking, consuming, struggling to exist. Allowing a metaphysical cycle to appear, referring to a solitary, consumed and consumable love in an accumulation of propositions and renunciations. Pouring out of this victory lap is infinite, volatile, unstable, heightened and absolutely free desire. The audience can therefore ask themselves: is it about loving all those that we are or about examining the relentless loneliness experienced when other people are around?

We’ve devised this programme in order to tell a story with others that reflects who we are and to celebrate the many different kinds of writing by choreographers who have helped shape our gaze, who gave us our first emotions and who are still alongside us today. We feel it’s more important than ever to pay homage to them now with this project. 

By bringing such diverse works together, our intention is to challenge the notion of archives and heritage. Each of the choreographers explores the way in which pieces are appropriated or re-appropriated, regardless of whether they are in their own repertoire. Why is this repertoire being revived and updated?