Sacred Music Hours

Sunday, August 19, 7 pm | St Casimir's Church (34 Didžioji St, Vilnius)


One of the best neo-Baroque Oberlinger organs in Europe resounding in St Casimir’s Church attract the most vibrant performers in the world to the Sacred Music Hours. Many of them can boast of an impressive concert itinerary in terms of geography and appearances with stars of the music world. However, Christian-Markus Raiser is the first to have recorded an experimental CD featuring works for organ and bells.

The artistic director of the Karlsruhe Evangelical Church regularly gives concerts and is an exceptionally talented improviser. So, when going to this concert, remember your favourite melody. Perhaps it will become a virtuosi improvisational theme…

Program features K. Hoyer, F. Mendelssohn, M. Reger and others

Concert duration: 60 min.

Free admission