Sacred Music Hours

Saturday, July 28, 7 pm | St Casimir's Church (34 Didžioji St, Vilnius)


VERENA STEFFEN (flute, Switzerland)
OLIVIER EISENMANN (organ, Switzerland)

The grand resonance of the organ and elegant flute passages will fill the vaulted ceilings of St Casimir’s Church at the concert of Verena Steffen and Olivier Eisenmann.

These musicians, who have travelled the most famous churches and concert halls, receive the warmest of welcomes from the public expressed as stormy standing ovations. When asked what the secret to their success has been, the musicians look at one another demurely and grin – surely, when you are playing such heavenly instruments, could it be any other way…?

Program features G. Ph. Telemann, W. Eisenmann, M. Sawa, and others

Concert duration: 60 min.

Free admission