August 20, 19:00 | St Casimir's Church

“Rizzotto has mastered the instrument from the very first notes, proving that he is talented, experienced, a virtuoso and an original interpretor. His musical sensitivity and care allows him to naturally convey the character of each work, without any unnecessary outbursts”. (El Diario)

Both the press and the public is generous with their warm acclaim about Cristiano Rizzotto, the Brazilian-born composer, choir conductor and organist who is now living in the United States.

In fact, the performer set out on his musical journey as a pianist, becoming acquainted with the organ as a volunteer at St Joseph’s Catholic Church in Lagoa, while today he cannot imagine his life without this instrument, or the many activities related to it.

Besides playing the organ and conducting at the Good Sheperd Catholic Church, he also organises international concert cycles and is a regular concert performer. Composers such as Carson Cooman, Aivars Kalējs, Antoine Giovannini, Robert Farrell and others have dedicated their works to the musician.

Program features A. Kalējs, J. S.  Bach, C. Rizzotto, R. Farrell and others

Concert duration: 60 min.
Free admission