August 18, Friday

St. Casimir’s Church, 19:00

AIVARSKALĒJS (organ, Latvia)
MARTINA DOEHRING (soprano, Germany)

One of the most prominent Latvian artists – the composer, pianist and organist Aivars Kalējs – is constantly leaving audiences in awe at this creative flourishes, productivity and premieres. For this performance, he is organising a programme together with his years-long stage partner, soprano Martina Doehring.

Kalējs earns renown as an enthusiast who seeks out unappreciated works by famous composers and forgotten music. Thus, his concerts are always offer “a cherry on top”. Yet, according to Martina Doehring, in their performances the pair do not try to especially amaze the public. The effect is quite the opposite though, as the performers are usually overcome by rounds of applause and the radiating enthusiasm of their listeners.  

Will this scenario play out at St. Casimir’s Church too? The answer depends on you!

Programme features works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Aivars Kalējs, Joseph Jungen and others.

Free admission