May 6, 19:00 | Arts Printing House (Black Hall)

Ivo Dimchev (Bulgaria)

A music album presentation with unpretentious choreography

Text and music: Ivo Dimchev

Music production: Georgy Linev, Ivo Dimchev and others

Choreographer: Ivo Dimchev

Premiere: 2017

Duration: 70 min.

Choreographer, artist, vocalist, songwriter, performer, provocateur… This time Ivo Dimchev offers a completely new format. The musical group performance Sculptures is also the title of his newest album, and the songs are the backbone of this unique performance, standing on the border between a pop concert and a contemporary dance performance.

Ivo Dimchev (1976) is a choreographer and performer from Bulgaria, known internationally for his provocative and often controversial works of performance art. His work is an extreme and colourful mixture of performance art, dance, theatre, music, drawings and photography. Dimchev is an author of more than 30 performances. He has received numerous international awards for dance and theatre and has presented his works across Europe, South America and North America. Alongside his work as a choreographer, Ivo is also an extraordinary singer and songwriter. He has recently released his two first music albums. The first “Songs from my shows – LIVE” and the second “Sculptures”. Since then he has been touring with his music concerts across the globe.

More information: www.newbalticdance.lt/en