May 6

Arts Printing House, 18:00

Duration: 65 min.

A Sensoral Lecture is a solo performance by and with Sindri Runudde, in which we encounter five voices through metaphoric dating scenarios. The show deals with auditory romance and love at first frequency, an exploration of sound, and especially the voice, as touch. Through dance, dialogue and movement exercises, the audience is invited to a sensual and sensory lecture with humour, imagination and sensitivity.

Together with composer Marta Forsberg, Sindri explored the concept of a voice message, and the culture of auditive versus text-based SMS. Curiously examining the intimacy of the voice message, combined with humorous reconnaissance – realizing that a voice message can be way more intimate than a nude picture. The performance is based on Sindri’s exploration of the tactile and auditive based movement practice Centered Adventures. With guidance by Sindri, the audience will be invited to try this practice during the performance.

Sindri Runudde is a Swedish and internationally based dancer and choreographer. Sindri’s work spans between different fields that include sound art, visual art and performance.

Previously educated in contemporary circus and dance Sindri has worked with international companies like Les sept doigts de la main, Candoco Dance Company and Skånes Dance Theater. As a choreographer they have created Vända och vrida for Stockholms city theater, The Fishing Dance, touring across Sweden and Europe 2019-2020, Blind Boi diaries, a co-created autobiography touring Sweden 2017 and Golvet/Blå kongo, an interactive sound piece premiered at the International Scene for Contemporary Dance in Stockholm, followed by a national gallery tour. As a freelance dancer Sindri has worked for choreographers like: Stina Nyberg, Carl Olof Berg, Martin Forsberg, Ben Wright, Jeremy Wade, Moritz Ostruschnjak and Miriam Gurtner. Sindri works from a queer feminist perspective and from lived experience. Since having a visual impairment, they are involved nationally and internationally in the disabled/crip dance community. Sindri’s approach and artistry is unique through the ability to connect deep existential themes to pop-culture and accessible concepts in a very successful way.