Sognando la morte. Choreo-opera

September 19, 19:00 | Video recording transmitted online

Musical direction: Lilianna Stawarz (Poland)
Screenplay: Anna Radziejewska (Poland)
Choreography: Jacek Tyski (Poland)
Costume design: Paulina Czernek (Poland)
Light design: Maciej Igielski (Poland)


Anna Radziejewska – mezzo-soprano
Jacek Tyski – dance

Royal Baroque Ensemble (Poland)
Grzegorz Lalek and Maria Papuzińska–Uss – violins, Marcin Stefaniuk – viola, Jakub Kościukiewicz – cello, Grzegorz Zimak – double bass, Anna Kowalska – theorbo, Lilianna Stawarz – harpsichord


Sognando la morte (‘Dreaming of death’) is a unique artistic project. Dubbed a ‘choreo-opera’, it is a vocal-dance dialogue performed by singer Anna Radziejewska, and dancer Jacek Tyski. During the Baroque period, death was one of the most important themes in art – and in the music of the Baroque Masters, the Dance of Death gained its most elegant and refined expression. The melancholy of dream, each chord trembling with tears, the unexpected harmony of pain – each element of its mysterious beauty unfolds with an aching simplicity.
Tarquinio Merula built his brilliant ‘Mother’s lullaby’ on just two sounds, introducing us to a subject that has fascinated humanity since the dawn of time. We see the chiaroscuro of Antonio Caldara and Francesco Geminiani, the surprising luminosity of Benedetto Ferrari. We dance with Monteverdi’s ungrateful souls, mourn with Vivaldi, and finally dream of death with Alessandro Scarlatti’s lullaby.


© Dramma per musica, Warsaw 2016