St. Jackus. A concert for children and families

September 20, 17:00 | Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Consolation, Savičiaus g. 15, Vilnius

GŠ Ansamblis (Lithuania)

  • Gabija Adamonytė – voice, direction
  • Milda Adamonytė – voice
  • Tautvydas Mažeika – voice
  • Laurynas Adamonis – voice
  • Antanas Pundzius – voice

The Table Theatre (Lithuania)
Director, artist, actress Saulė Degutytė


Saint Hyacinth (1183–1257), one of patron saints of Lithuania, is known in Lithuanian as St. Jackus (Święty Jacek in Polish). Because the feast of St. Jackus is celebrated on 17 August, the name of this adored and custodian of the Blessed Sacrament is frequently used in proverbs and sayings wishing for a rich grain harvest (“Eat fresh dumplings on St. Jackus’ Day!”“Dumplings for St. Jackus!”“Jackus, Dear Jackus! My cart, your wheels!”). Many legends have grown up honouring the saint’s miracles and missionary work.
The educational concert ‘St. Jackus’ is a story of courage and confidence for children and the whole family, told through live music and shadow theatre, created using a projector. Images of St. Hyacinth and his life will be recreated using not only paintings and engravings by famous artists, but also various small household items, sand, water, dried plants and translucent coloured paints. The concert will feature hymns, sequences, litanies and chants celebrating St. Hyacinth, with roots in traditional Christian mediaeval music. After the concert, the audience is invited to participate in a creative workshop, in which participants will create their own miracles, inspired by the miracles of St. Hyacinth.