SYNAESTHESIS: Reappearing Focus

Postponed from October 29th. to November 10th., 19:00

Postponed from October 29 to November 10. 

Vilnius Contemporary music ensemble

Unsuk Chin. Allegro ma non troppo
Beat Furrer. Aer
Unsuk Chin. ParaMetaString
Beat Furrer. Ira-Arca
Beat Furrer. Spur

The focus of attention of the programme “Reappearing Focus” of Vilnius contemporary music ensemble “Synaesthesis” is on the composers Unsuk Chin and Beat Furrer. The voices of both composers’ distinctive creative work are linked by the intense change of characteristics of sound and multi-layered instrumental expression. This forms sort of “islands of attention”, which create a particularly close connection between a performer and a listener. Furrer’s spur for piano and string quartet is like a chase scene where the instruments seem to be chasing each other, returning to the same “path” only at the end of the piece. ira-arcafor bass flute and double bass turns the instruments into “the shadows of a shadow”, merging their sound “identities” into hardly recognizable unity. Aer for clarinet, cello, and piano is based on the ancient idea of “perpetual motion from which a change is born”. Chin’s ParaMetaString for string quartet and tape combines the traditional form of a four-part quartet with sound experiments of the expression of string instruments. Allegro ma non troppo for percussion and electronics: it is an analysis of the finest nuances of timbre.