The biggest and record breaking laser show in Lithuanian FUTURE VILNIUS

Near the White bridge

The Vilnius Capital Days Festival, an authentic celebration of culture and art, invites everyone to immerse themselves in yet another edition the joyful festival on September 1-3. During the festival, which is well known for celebrating creative freedom, Vilnius residents and city guests will be able to witness a new Lithuanian record – as many as 70 lasers will flood the sky of the capital in the grand laser show of Future Vilnius.

This year, the capital of Lithuania is celebrating its 700th anniversary, so the chosen number of lasers is related to this festive anniversary. According to the organizer of the laser show and head of the company “Lazerių projektai” Evaldas Lapėnas, Vilnius is the most innovative city in Lithuania, thus the central theme of the laser show at the Vilnius Capital Days Festival is the future. He also points out that the quality of Lithuanian lasers has gained recognition all over the world and this technology is already creating our future.

In the upcoming laser show at the Vilnius Capital Days Festival, laser beams will intertwine with electronic music compositions that accompany each of the lasers‘ vibrations. The greatest effect of the show will be obtained by laser beams piercing through the city space, while forming incredible plane surfaces that create fantastic visions.

Supporting and fostering the ideas of sustainability, taking into account the current issues of climate change, the organizers of the Vilnius Capital Days Festival emphasize lasers as an ecological and sustainable solution for events. During the show, professional laser equipment will be used that does not have a negative impact on the nature: it does not cause explosion or combustion processes nor any noise harmful to animals and people. It does not pollute the environment either, as the equipment can be reused multiple times.

“The goal of the largest laser show in Lithuania is to surprise the audience and give them the feeling of happiness,” says organizer of the laser show Evaldas Lapėnas.

Spectators are invited to watch the Future Vilnius laser show from the meadow by the White Bridge next to Upės Street. The laser show will take place on September 1 and 2 at night between 23:00 and 01:00. The duration of one performance is about 15 minutes.