1st of September, Friday, 10:00 – 23:30
2nd of September, Saturday, 10:00 – 23:30
3rd of September, Sunday, 10:00 – 20:00

It has been 18 years since Gediminas Avenue began to ‘buzz’ during the annual Vilnius City Fiesta and the meeting place cannot be changed! THE BUZZING AVENUE it is not some village market, but it is a place full of cultural actions, creative ideas, it‘s a place where your wishes and fantasies can come true. Neighbors, friends and guests meet here. This is the way of expression!

This year THE BUZZING AVENUE will extend almost through entire Gediminas Avenue and its program will be divided into 4 different areas:

A) Gediminas Avenue (from Cathedral Sq. to V. Kudirka Sq.) – STREET OF ARTS AND MUSIC 
This area is for visual arts and craftsmanship, professional painter works, various art ware, pottery and most important – a lot of cultural events and concerts. Fun and energetic shows, various music bands, ensembles, famous performers, and other projects will be seen on the stage near V. Kudirka square.

B) Gediminas avenue (from Jogailos str. to A. Jakštas str. and in the V. Kudirka Sq.) – STYLE LOCATION
At the very heart of the Vilnius city fiesta, you will find STYLE LOCATION. This is a new project and it is s much bigger and fuller than ever before. LOCATION is a gathering of craftsmen, designers, artists, tourists and citizens in the heart of Vilnius, Lithuania. LOCATION is a new concept of design&arts&crafts event which is a one day pop-up store, street food, exhibition, workshops, seminars and a way more area. LOCATION is a place where everybody gathers to see what’s new and upcoming in the field of design, trends, crafts and more.

C) Gediminas Avenue (from Jakštas str. to Lukiškių square) –  DELICIOUS FAIRING PATH
In this area everyone will be able to taste and to buy various delicacies – one who will come hungry will go out with full stomach! Here you will find the highest quality food: bread, meat, milk, honey, meat products and other delicious goods.

D) At the Lukiškių square – VILNIUS SPORTS FESTIVAL
Annual event – Vilnius sports festival will take place at Lukiškių square, one of the main squares of Vilnius City.

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THE BUZZING AVENUE is always unexpected, spontaneous, alive, huge kettle full of music, dance, art, literature, theatre, improvisation, movement and games.