August 22, 19:00 | Vaidilos Theatre

A no-rules saxophone quartet
Concert organised in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania

JAKUB MURAS (soprano saxophone)
MATEUSZ DOBOSZ (alto saxophone)
KRZYSZTOF KOSZOWSKI (tenor saxophone)
SZYMON ZAWODNY (baritone saxophone)

Music critics are unanimous in saying “together, they are a powerful musical weapon”. This is why they like adventures that might look like crimes to die-hard classical music fans…

But if you can accept that Chopin is not just for the piano, and Vivaldi is not just for a baroque ensemble, then you’ll immediately fall in love with The Whoop Group foursome!

The young, ambitious, talented musicians say that it’s high-time for the saxophone to change its popular entertainment image. That’s why they are boldly taking on classical music masterpieces and arranging them for their quartet. This reveals the enormous potential of the instrument – both for its many unexpected technical opportunities and for the special beauty of the tembre.
So, choose how Vivaldi’s Four Seasons or Chopin’s Preludes, or many other famous works will sound when heard on the saxophone – like a discovery, or a crime?

Program features A. Vivaldi, E. Grieg, F. Chopin and others.

Concert duration 90 min.