“Untied Tales”

May 8, 19:00 | Lithuanian National Drama Theatre (Small Hall)

Clara Furey & Peter Jasko (Canada/Belgium/Slovakia)

Creation and choreography: Clara Furey & Peter Jasko

Dancers: Clara Furey, Peter Jasko

Premiere: 2015

Duration: 60 min

A darkly poetic duet ”Untied Tales” (The Vanished Power of the Usual Reign) unfolds like a dark tale. Inspired by Louise Murphy’s “The True Story of Hansel and Gretel: A Story about War and Survival”, this work by Peter Jasko and Clara Furey involves a meeting with The Other, filled with tribulations, marvels and the unknown. In this hallucinogenic world, in which what the eyes do not see exists, there’s a constant sense of urgency, reminding us of our final, inescapable destiny, where we sense that we’ll learn nothing.

Like an onion, the work is a simple object that’s multi-layered: the sound is sensorial and the lighting reveals only what it chooses to reveal. In a reversal of the usual domination and power games, bodily forms are drawn to each other and then fall apart in this new, dark and phantasmagorical world. Lying on the ground as the audience enters, Clara Furey and Peter Jasko are coiled up, head to foot, like two defenceless beings. Bathed in harsh light, we see them create in waves of movement, structuring spaces to counteract the existential void and darkness inside them. Despite the attraction of the ground and of sleep, they try to stand but their legs give up. As in our dreams, in which children find themselves lost in the middle of a forest, their anxiety gradually spreads and deepens. What follows is an allegory reminiscent of Plato’s cave.

Restless and adrift, these two beings together create a shared sensuality to serve as a shelter. Despite everything, they manage to move about, silently discovering a world of invisibility, dreams and the unconscious, in which all the senses are at once scrambled and awakened. A tale of two bodies, Untied Tales probes our fear of the intangible, the indiscernible, proposing the only solution possible: a meeting with The Other.

Clara Furey is a choreographer, performer and multi-disciplinary artist. She’s an associate artist at Par B.L.eux since 2016. ”Par B.L.eux” is a contemporary dance company founded in 1996 by the Montreal-based choreographer Benoît Lachambre. Internationally beaming, Par B.L.eux is mandated to promote international exchange and provide opportunities for artists from diverse artistic and geographical backgrounds.

More information: www.newbalticdance.lt/en