24 September

CAC, 19:00

Vladimiras Čekasinas – saxes

Vytautas Labutis – saxes, p, synth

Arvydas Joffė – dr

Vladimir Chekasin is a unique and exceptionally colourful personality on Lithuanian jazz scene. He is his own man in everything he puts his hands and mind to, acting as a saxophonist, composer, teacher and an inexhaustible generator of innovative ideas. He can be a most rational architect of musical soundscapes and, at the same time, perform his music with utmost emotional and expressive verve. As a member of the legendary GTCh Trio in the 1970s, he is credited with establishing a Lithuanian jazz school and is regarded as a venerable guru by many generations of Lithuanian jazz musicians who have experienced his influence either directly or indirectly. Lately, he devotes most of his time to cinema as a musician, director and actor. In the meantime he collaborates with various artists and musicians from different countries in producing syncretic projects, which he describes as an ongoing ‘ethnic process’. To implement his daring artistic visions he often consolidates large groups of performers.