June 29, Thursday

Bernardine Gardens, 19:00

POVILAS VELIKIS (accordion, synthesizer)

ARMAN ISOJAN (double bass)
DMITRIJS MIHAILOVS (accordion, synthesizer, piano)

They say not all in life is just black or white. So, unsurprisingly, few would think that Juodai balta (Blackish White) is actually the title of the new album by U’Elements, set to be colourfully launched at this event. The work of these four professionals combines Lithuanian, Latvian and Armenian folk music motifs, the language of jazz and improvisation. The musicians do not abide by any particular canons but appeal to each listener’s ears and hearts open to expressive melodies, lively dynamics and the thrill of masterful execution. So, this Blackish White performance will give you the chance to hear how “Holidays in Riga” sound, how the day and things go when “Everything’s Fine”, you’ll get to be a little “Crazy”, find out what a “Yankele” is, plus much more.

Sound intriguing? That’s just how it should be, because you’re in store for a truly inimitable evening!

Programme features the launch of the Blackish White album.

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