Faith and Hope.Vähi, Kancheli, Vasks

June 15, 19:00 | Lithuanian National Philharmonic Hall, Vilnius

There will be a live broadcast on the LRT Classical Channel and the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Digital Hall (


JAUNA MUZIKA Vilnius Municipal Choir (artistic director and conductor Vaclovas Augustinas)




PEETER VÄHI – Concerto for birbynė and chamber orchestra (world premiere, commissionof Vilnius Festival and the Ministry of Culture of Estonia)

GIYA KANCHELI – Angels of Sorrow for violin, cello, children choir and chamber orchestra (performance is dedicated to the memory of Giya Kancheli)

PĒTERIS VASKS – Da pacem, Domine for choir and string orchestra

Faith and Hope is the title of the concert of June 14th, the Day of Mourning and Hope – a momentous date in Lithuania’s history. The theme runs through the concert as a scarlet stripe of hope and faith, peace and bright remembrance.

Inspired by the talented birbynė player Vytautas Kiminius and commissioned by the Vilnius Festival, the Estonian composer Peeter Vähi (b. 1955) is writing a Concerto for birbynė and chamber orchestra, an opus for an instrument that is increasingly blazing its way into the academic music scene. Described as quite eclectic, Vähi’s music showcases various combinations of styles and genres and is kindled by variety of sources, from rock’n’roll to Indian traditional music.

The Festival pays homage to late Georgian composer Giya Kancheli (1935–2019) with his opus Angels of Sorrow. Kancheli is often compared to the contemporaries Arvo Pärt and John Tavener for their common feature – the spirituality of music. Pēteris Vasks, one of the most renowned Latvian composers, joins the same rank – the music of all these composers raises global and timeless questions about life and death, hatred and forgiveness, harmony and chaos. Vasks based his Da pacem, Domine for choir and string orchestra on the antiphon of the 9th century Gregorian chant Da pacem, Domine, in diebus nostris (Give peace to our times, O Lord).

Tonight’s performing forces involve outstanding Lithuanian performers: the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, Jauna muzika choir (celebrating its 30th anniversary this year) and soloists, winners of international competitions: violinist Dalia Kuznecovaitė, cellist Elena Daunytė and birbynė player Vytautas Kiminius. Conductor Adrija Čepaitė cooperates with Lithuanian orchestras, in particular the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, and is gaining experience working with other European orchestras.

Tickets – 10, 20, 30, 40 Eur