Sacral Time with Graces & Voices

June 17, Sunday, 21:00 | Church of St Casimir



Programme ”Take your holy time” features Gregorian chant and contemporary sacred polyphonic compositions. The audience will be presented with world premieres of Austrian composer Wolfram Wagner’s In praeteritis and Lithuanian composer Vytautas Miškinis’ ”When I consider”. Both works were dedicated to the ensemble. The programme is designed as a continuous flow of sacred music conveying many a message. This sacred realm enthrals the listener and invites to experience the meaning of his/her existence in time.

Unique international ensemble ”Graces & Voices” stands out for its distinctive repertoire alluding to the harmony of internal and external beauty, sacred element, spiritual wholeness and serenity. The ensemble involves ten female musicians, representatives of various countries (Austria, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Singapore) proficient in Gregorian chant, church music, organ, choral and symphonic conducting, piano, baroque violin, etc. Their professional diversity beautifully converges into an enchanting sound and outstanding musicality. Regardless of what they choose to program – Gregorian chant or contemporary polyphonic music – they mesmerise the audiences with high mastery, flexibility and improvisational freedom.

Founded in 2011 by Adrija Čepaitė and Antanina Kalechyts, female ensemble ”Graces & Voices” has achieved recognition in many European countries. Their debut CD ”Mysterium Crucis” (2012) was rated by PIZZICATO magazine to be the best recording of the year in the early music category; it also was nominated by International Classical Music Awards (2013). Furthermore, the BBC Music Magazine gave 4 stars to their ”Historia Sancti Olavi” released in 2016.

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