GAIDA OPEN Call 2024

GAIDA Festival invites electronic music artists and/or audiovisual/digital art creators to submit their applications of new artistic projects for the selection to the festival’s program 2024:

  • Applications are accepted from 15 April to 15 May 2024 by e-mail:
  • Applications are open to the citizens of Lithuania and foreign countries, professionals of electronic music, audiovisual/digital arts – creators, artists, performers.
  • Submitted application must contain and present artistic project(s) – work(s) of electronic music and/or audiovisual/digital art – that is suggested to be performed in the Festival‘s program.
  • The Festival has no artistic restrictions for participants, thus every artist submitting his application is free to choose at his discretion any idea, theme, narrative or more abstract concept of his artistic work. Besides, this call is open not only for young creators – all professional artists can apply without restrictions of age, race, gender.
  • Proposed artistic project(s) must be created for live performance. If the proposed project involves only a DJ set or playing of just recording/tape, such a project will not be considered.
  • If the artistic project is planned to be performed not by its author (only), then the author takes care of all needed performers and presents them in this application.
  • Proposed artistic project(s) must be created not earlier than 2023 and must not have been performed in Vilnius before GAIDA Festival 2024. However, artistic project(s) can be still not completed / not entirely created at the time of this application but planned to be created by 15 September 2024, in which case it must be accompanied by all the material available at the time of the application, including particularly detailed description of the project, and audio and/or audiovisual recordings of previously created works.
  • Various electronic music styles, types, technologies can be used (but not mandatory) in the musical part of artistic project (key words/subcategories: ambient, audiovisual, breakbeat, chill-out, computer music, contemporary electronics, digital art, drum‘n‘bass, dub, electroacoustic, electronica, experimental, glitch, hauntology, house, IDM, multimedia, noise, plunderphonics, technology art, live av, techno, video game music, visual music, vj-ing and etc.). However, the most important criteria for evaluating the projects will not be the style or technology, but the distinctiveness, originality and artistic quality of the work.
  • Provisional results of the selection are expected by the 30th June 2024, the final GO Call program will be announced no later than 1st of October 2024.
  • Answers with the results will be sent to the applicants on their e-mail addresses provided in the applications.


GO Call application form